Welcome to geniusIDEA

Welcome to geniusIDEA!

This site was originally created in 2000 as a place to share your great ideas.  Be it a product you wish were invented, an improvement, or just something you think could make the world a better place, this is the place to share it!

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GeniusIdea back in 2001
August 22nd, 2012
What GeniusIdea.com looked like in 2001

What GeniusIdea.com looked like in 2001

Way back in 2001, I started GeniusIdea.com as a place to post and share those great ideas that you’ve had.  Around 2007, I stopped maintaining the site and took it offline, and I haven’t done anything with it since!  I decided it was time to bring the site back, and I will post the old threads that were posted on the original website as archive.